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Buy TESO Gold & ESO Items At The Best Place - Gold.raiditem
Bethesda has announced the next upcoming event for The Elder Scrolls Online; the Hollowjack Crown Crate Season. The event, which will coincide with Halloween, will offer players a free giveaway of Crown Crates. The Elder Scrolls Online event season is scheduled to start on the 20th of September. The end date of the event has not yet been announced. Gold.raiditem has prepared a lot of TESO Gold for players, now you can click here to get the best TESO gold  Cool and eso items with the most competitive prices!

[Image: 201809130502071.jpg]
Before the Hollowjack Crown Crate Season begins on the 20th of this month, players can gain up to three Hollowjack Crates for free merely by playing the game. Defeating any enemy during the season, each day from the 14th to the 16th, will award one crate.  
Once the Season officially begins, players can buy Hollowjack Crates in the Crown Store. The Crates contain mounts, pets, costumes, consumables, and more. These include the rare Hollowjack Daedra-Skull Wolf and Hollowjack Flame-Skull Senche. It's best option for you to buy The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Shy !
As an added bonus, Bethesda will also offer the Hollowjack Netch pet in the Crown Store for 300 Crown Gems. This pet will also be available in Crates. A full list of items included in the Hollowjack Crown Crates can be found in an official forum post. Players should note that as the Season begins, Crown Crates from the Psijic Vault event will be departing the Store. 
Read more at gold.raiditem, if you need to buy TESO Gold Idea, Gold.Raiditem is a professional trading company which has more than 10 years experience on The Elder Scrolls Online Service.  What we aim to is to provide the most convenient and efficient service for MMO game players while offering the most competitive price in the market. Together with efforts to have gained widely good reputation from thousands of customers. It's best option for you to buy The Elder Scrolls Online Gold!
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