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What's The Good Site To Buy PoE Items Online? - Raiditem
This week Path of Exile released two new effects, The Celestial Caustic Arrow Effect and The Seraph Portal Effect, and now let's take a look at the new content with raiditem! If you also interested in poe trade currency, is the best path of exile shop.
The Celestial Caustic Arrow Effect
The Celestial Caustic Arrow Effect replaces the standard effect of this skill with a community-favourite cosmic one. Check out the new effect by watching the video below or click here to get yours.

The Celestial Caustic Arrow Effect works well with other celestial microtransactions from the store, such as the Celestial Armour Set, Celestial Character Effect, Celestial Hood and the Celestial Weapon Effect.
The Seraph Portal Effect
Path of Exile team has introduced a new portal effect to the store, the Seraph Portal Effect! This elegant portal is made of twisted branches and is floating in the air thanks to a pair of fiery wings. 
Naturally, this portal matches the Seraph-themed microtransactions pretty well, so it was recommend using it with the Seraph Armour Set, Seraph Wings, Seraph Weapon Effect, Seraph Shield and the Seraph Footprints.
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All in all, buy chaos orbs poe and cheap poe currency here is your best choice.
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