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Raw Material Masterbatch manufacturers
Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Product Introduction
Blow film grade plastic raw material black master batches are made from carbon blacks and additives of high quality and strong tinting strength. They are extruded by high speed mixers and being air cooled and pelletized. Thereby, there are few fish eyes in blown film products. And they are of high blackness and brightness.
50% carbon black at various carbon black particle sizes. The carrier resins are designed to meet specific melt flow requirements depending upon whether or not your application is extruded or thin injection molded parts. Excellent UV, antioxidant, and high color options are also available.

Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Product Parameters
Index Value
Carbon Black Content 15%-50%
Carbon Black Type N220/N330/N550/N326
Ratio of dosage 1-8%
MFR(26KG/190℃) 30-50G/10min
Dispersion Good
Temperature resistance 220-300℃
Moisture <0.1
Density 1.32-1.97
Appearance 2.5*3.0mm/2.5*2.5mm/2*2.5/2*3.0mm black  bright and smooth surface/ shape can be customized
Certification FDA/CE/ROHS
Eco Friendly ROHS(SGS)
Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Product Applications
Blow film grade black masterbatch used the high quality and strong tinting strength as the carbon black and additives. Its extruded by the High Speed Mixer and then pelletized.  It makes the film less of the static point, very good of the blackness and the brightness.
Senior blown film masterbatch is for ultra-thin products blow molding coloring, such as black plastic bags, black plastic film.
General blowing masterbatch is for general packaging bags blow molding coloring.
Blowing film:
Vest bag, dry composite film, stretch film, black and white film, packaging film, shopping bags, PP film, cast film, table cloth stretch film, stretch film packaging, Chemical product packaging, bulk materials package, package bag, PP film, convenient bag film, EVA film, anti-permeate film, waterproofing membrane, PVC film, mulch, food package, garbage bag/rubbish bag, waterproof roll, new waterproof material, geomembrane.

Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Advantage
Reduce production cost
Increase production efficiency
Good plasticization and dispersion
Improve the strength and hardness of the products
Stable size
Good ejection effect
Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Test Equipment

Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Our Company

Plastic Raw Material Masterbatch Our Customer
Our customers are from more than 100 countries , and every year 50 customers come to visit my factory. About 200 customers speak highly of my products by email, calling and by other ways.
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  Raw Material Masterbatch manufacturers

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