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buy Equipment Model
1. Product name: machine profile model, dynamic model, machine model, structural model, large equipment model, steam turbine model and generator model.
2, the product description: this model is usually used when making the anatomy of a quarter of the way, appearance and internal structure of the simulation model manufacture, the rotating part adopts 24 v motor drive, do the simulation of the motion effect.
3. Technical support: our company has more than 100 professional models, able to guarantee punctual delivery of quality.
More than two thousand square meters of processing workshop can meet more than ten project models.
The machining equipment has planar engraving machine, NCN engraver, CNC lathe, laser machine and other model processing equipment to ensure that any complex model can be fully reflected.
The ordering unit can customize any device model, and the size ratio can be determined.
4. Service process: the pre-ordering unit needs to provide accurate 3d drawings or drawings of 2d CAD format, and specify the size and purpose of the order model.
According to the complexity of the order model and the size of the model, we give the accurate cost budget. After the price is negotiated, we sign the production agreement and pay half the deposit.
Model, after the completion of all production order, head of the unit to our factory inspection or our head of shooting video and photos, for ordering unit acceptance, acceptance and payment after all, we are responsible for package delivery.
5, model making material include: high polymer resin ABS sheet and pipe, acrylic and pipe, stainless steel plate, aluminum, etc., the actual use what material, according to the content of mold and processing.
6, model making process: according to the physical model of the processing requirements, can use 3 d printing molding, CNC engraving, laser engraving, CNC lathe processing model, such as production equipment, all the model by professional model teacher, all hand stitching and finish production.
The color of the exterior is painted with electroplating and baking paint.
7. Service commitment: all of the completed models will be packaged with standard air boxes to ensure the safety of transportation and free warranty within one year after Equipment Model

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