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Easy Way solve Norton opening issues on Mac operating system

If you are experiencing Norton opening issue for the first time then you should close all the presently running applications and reset your MAC device. This might resolve the issue. If in case you are still experiencing the same problem then you should uninstall and reinstall the Norton with the help of RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool. This tool deletes all the files and folders added by Norton installers as well as the folders that were created by you.
1.    Open the browser on your MAC device. Search for the and click to download this zip file.
2.    Locate the option for “Finder” in the Dock and click on it.
3.    Open the menu bar, click on the option to “Go” then click on “Downloads.” This will open up the Downloads folder.
4.    If this zip file has been downloaded from Safari browser then you can simply access the folder for RemoveSymantecMacFiles. If this Zip file has been downloaded from Chrome, Mozilla or Firefox then you have to double click on the file. This will expand the window and open up the folder for RemoveSymantecMacFiles.
5.    Once you have opened the folder for RemoveSymantecMacFiles, press control and click on the RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command folder. Now, click on the option for “Open with.” It will show you the available options so select the option to open it with “Terminal” (default). Also, make sure that you are logged in with an Administrative Id that has a particular value for password.
6.    Now you will receive a prompt message saying that there is no defined developer of this tool. Upon seeing this prompt you should continue by clicking on “Open” button present over there.
7.     Open the terminal window, enter your administrative password and then click on “Return.”
8.    Now, prees 1 to delete all the Symantec files as well as folders. You can press 2, if you wish to stop RemoveSymantecMacFiles except other files.
9.    Click on “Return,” this will lead to the deletion of all Symantec files and folders.
10.                         Once RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool has completed the deleting of all Symantec file, you should go to the terminal window and press “Y.”
11.                       Now click on “return” so that your MAC devices can restart.


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