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Things happened this summer.t��s a holiday
Things happened this summer.t��s a holiday, it��s boring at home! I have been worried about this matter with a few good friends. But when I said that it was late, I suddenly came up with a good idea: "Let's go and experience the work!" I said what I wanted Marlboro Red. However, some people are not happy, some shout "too tired!" Some still do not believe in their strength, what should I do? So I began to persuade them and said, "I have to try everything, don't try to deny my strength? Also! Don't be afraid of being tired, you will have to fight for yourself in the near future, not "After my teaching and analysis, some people have reluctantly agreed to me, but I am very satisfied, at least have a companion!"e next morning Marlboro Red 100S, we gathered around a downstairs hotel with a very hot business. We first communicated with the boss and got along very well! So we put forward the idea of ??working. The boss refused to accept us at the beginning, saying that we are too small to work, do not trust us, but since we made this decision, we must insist, can not give up! After our good talk, the boss finally agreed to accept us, we are very happy! But the boss immediately gave us the order - the end plate. I think this boss is too small to see us! Is the end plate so simple to give to us? Damn! Forget it, forget it, don't care, or do it!ime flies, and at noon, the guests enter the hotel one after another, and our pressure is getting bigger, getting more and more nervous and getting more and more excited. At this time, I heard the sound coming out of the kitchen: "No. 9 table, fish-flavored pork!" I ran over, carefully holding the plate, for fear of breaking, and at the same time, my heart also produced a kind of inexplicable Excessive excitement, but after all, bad luck came to my head without saying hello Newport Cigarettes Website. "Oh! My clothes!" a lady screamed. I am flustered and look at it! Damn! The color, fragrance, and taste of the fish-flavored pork, "run" to the lady's clothes Marlboro Lights, hehe! I blame me for accidentally hitting the lady and soiling her clothes. I hurriedly picked up the paper towel and wiped the woman��s original glamorous, but now I was messed up by the clothes Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and I wiped my mouth. I said, "I'm sorry, sorry..." The lady said: "Okay! Look at you as a child, don't care about you, you can get a little longer next time!" I quickly nodded and said, "Thank you!" Thank you!" Then the lady left the hotel. I finally breathed a sigh of relief and continued to work. My friends came over and asked me, "Is it okay?" I replied if nothing happened: "It's okay, work all."n the afternoon, the boss came back. I honestly told him about it and explained it. But the boss did not criticize me. He also said that I am an honest good boy, but I can��t be distracted again next time. Be careful. it is good.ter being beaten and beaten and exercised for many days, I finally became familiar with the end plate, no longer made the mistakes of the past, I also got the "first bucket of gold" in my life! Although not many, I am very pleased and very proudexperience of a few days is over. I never thought that it was so difficult to look at the dishes. I thought that everything was light and clear. After real experience and feeling, I realized that everything is not as simple as I thought. This is exactly the case in life. There will always be some bumps and stagnations. Nothing will go smoothly. Only by personally trying it, can you feel the bitterness and sweetness in order to appreciate the true meaning of life!

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