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Ah! The toy of "Fun Math" has finally been
Ah! The toy of "Fun Math" has finally been released! I am what I have been waiting for for a long time!can't wait to open the box, I want to see my handsome "saline power car" earlier! I was pleasantly surprised to pull out a white plastic bag, but I took a look at it, but took out some assembled parts from the box Marlboro Gold. The bag contained a few lines of characters: hands-on assembly, development of intelligence! This can be difficult for me Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and my worst thing is this.soon as I got home, I squatted on the table and started the manual. Then I can this gear not fit in?"I have encountered a lot of problems in the "assembly road", but under my insistence, ha! A piece of cake," I said scornfully, just as I was about to finish the picture and ready to scream "Complete", but suddenly suddenly stopped, the gap between my car and the manual is so big - ��Three twisted four hoods, messy layout, I can't believe how to make the car like this? It must be the problem I assembled! haven't waited for me to whisper, I started checking the structure inside the car. I didn't let go of it. But when I ended up failing, I stumbled upon it. The cover of the surface was not covered. It was because of this that the whole The appearance is not coordinated. I immediately pressed down and pressed, only to hear the "squeaky" sound, a perfect "saline power car" came out!k the car and carefully appreciated my "masterpiece." After the salt water is finished, the salt water is sprinkled on the iron piece as required. The wheel "brush~brush~" turns and I put it on the ground Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. It is like a dislocated wild horse, jumping and rolling. It��s fun!is is my assembly experience, an awkward "assembly road"! "When you pass by, don't miss it!" "Buy, come buy, affordable good things!" "Look, come here, the things here are the best!" Who is loud here Selling? Oh, rabbed a good stall with the merchandise. Just put the merchandise, and someone bought it. "How much is this squirrel doll?" "25 yuan." I said, "This is too expensive!" "Not expensive at all, you look at this hair, how soft it is, how comfortable it is!" "It's cheaper~ "This is really cheap, I bought 30!" "Hey, you are a little cheaper, oh, beg you~" The man spoiled. "(��o��)... Ok, the minimum is 23 yuan!" "The deal!" She put the money in my hand and walked away happily. Aunt, I am exhausted, and it took me a lot of tongues to earn this first money!st after I left the customer, I opened my throat and shouted: "Come on, buy a big sale!" When a customer came, he saw my music bear and pointed at it: "This How much?" "Not expensive, as long as 55 yuan." "What?! 55 yuan!" "Yes, what's wrong?" "This is too expensive!" I haven't waited for me to talk, suddenly there is a personal interjection: "Come to buy me! My music is also a bear Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, as long as 45 yuan!" Oops! Appearance opponents! I can't let him take my single business away! I have a look at his bear Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the knockoff goods! The clothes on his bear are not neatly striped, and it is a bit wrong to look at the colors carefully. I am busy saying, "His bear is a knockoff, not really." "Do you have any evidence that I am a knockoff? I see you are a cottage! I can't think of this guy." If the mall is like a battlefield, I will not be "soft"! "Of course I have evidence!" First, the stripes on your bear are up and down, high and low, not neat. And my, the stripes are clear, the same level. Second, the color of your bear is a bit bleak and the color is not pure. But my, the color is authentic, there is no color cast. Third, I don't know if you found it. There is a small piece of paint on your bear's heel. I think that the authentic bear should be strong and there will be no paint fading. Are you saying yes? "I asked him, I said this when I spoke, and immediately made him a dumb voice. He walked away in vain." activity is over, holding the heavy money in my hand, I understand the hard work and the difficulty of making money. At the same time, I also understand that in order to stand on the foot in this society, I have to have a good eloquence and a quick response. Oops, I forgot to tell you, I earned 96 yuan today!

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