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Double Girder Gantry Crane company
U-Shaped Double Girder Gantry Crane
The door frame have single main type and double girder type two kinds of for the user choice for reasonable use of material, the main variable cross-section of the optimization design.
The door frame with rigid legs have simple columnar type and double pillar.
On a pair of main car hook, the two main girder are set, but may be alone and lateral movement 0-2m.
There is main, under the car of hook, in two main girder below center.
Under the car, each other across the homework.
All the lifting mechanism and operation organization adopts inverter.
A rigid legs side, at the top of the main girder have arms maintenance, to complete the crane car maintenance work.
In order to prevent the storm, with safe and reliable clip rail, such as the journal, chain wind device
Quality problems of products sold by our company will be solved as per the “three guarantees” system of our company by the “three guarantees” service team;
Related personnel will be sent to the site immediately after receiving quality complaints (by call, letter or oral notice) from clients;
Personnel involved in after-sales service shall be serious and considerate in handling the problem to make clients care-free;
In addition to solve quality problems, personnel involved in after-sales service shall train clients, answer their technical inquiries and related questions free of charge;
Related cost for products with quality problem will be shouldered by our company. Our company charges for quality problems caused by clients (or problems after the warranty term), but the charge will not be higher than the expense (or cost).
Lifting CapacitytUnder Sling or Spreader for 50ton
Lfiting Heightm16
Working SystemA6
Load and Unload20', 40', Container
Trolley Travelling50-80
Crane Travelling30-50
Trolley TravellingYZP225M-6/2*22
Crane TravellingYZP180L-6/4*15
Total Weight253
Max. Wheel LoadKN260
Steel Track RecommendedP43
Power Supply3P  AC  50Hz   380VDouble Girder Gantry Crane company

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