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In this season of pleasant scenery
In this season of pleasant scenery and fruity fragrance, our school organized an autumn tour. first thing we came to was the museum. As soon as I entered the door, the first thing that caught my eye was the skeleton of several ancient hegemons-dinosaurs. In front of the ancient fossil exhibition hall, I walked in with curiosity. There is a piece of fossil inside, the most attractive to me is a small dinosaur: its hand stretches forward Buy Cigarettes Wholesale, as if trying to grasp something, but the ruthless sand covers it all at once, making its skeleton intact. Saved to this day. I was still thinking about the dinosaur. Suddenly a heavy dinosaur stretched out my claws in the darkness. I was shocked and determined to see clearly: it turned out to be a mechanical dragon, which repeatedly twisted his head and claws as if Say goodbye to us. soon as I got up, the words "marine life" appeared in front of me. After I entered Cigarettes Free Shipping, I saw many marine specimens. They let me visit the ocean: there are strange creatures, there are many rare animals Newport Wholesale, and I can��t report them. Famous creature. When I came to the world of shellfish, I was shocked to say that it was unspeakable: when I was a child Discount Newport Cigarettes, I found many strange shells on the beach, but here I can't imagine Bedou, there are nautilus, sunflower snails... they form Different, let me have a new understanding of the shellfish family., we went to some pavilions and then stepped into Zuohai into the left sea is also a walk into the embrace of nature. Here, I heard the joy of the birds, saw the dance of the trees, the air is so fresh, the sky is so clear. Everything is so beautiful! The trees are shaded and the flowers are beautiful. Let me return to nature.rst project to play was the ��self-controlled aircraft��. After the beep, toot, toss, and ringing, the plane started to run. I and Chen Shuyan were in a group. The plane gradually rose. In the sky, I witnessed the left sea: like overlooking Zuohai Park, I saw a green tree. Under the touch of autumn, not only did not put on the golden clothes, but also added a green coat, which became more enchanting. From a distance, it looks like a girl with a light makeup, from the back. Going, it is a project that we play, "big pendulum", the modern atmosphere is full of excitement, the screaming, the "pendulum" that flies over and over again, let me watch the fear, this is a challenge that cannot be avoided. Go or not? I repeatedly questioned myself in my heart Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes, but I still can't decide. still coming. After lunch, we��re gathering under the ��big pendulum clock.�� I��m not determined, I��m going back in my heart again and again, I don��t think I��m going to go, but I don��t want to miss it. I secretly decided to go: Go.the seat and put on a condom, but my fearful thoughts still lingered in my heart, but I was forced to calm down. The "big pendulum clock" finally started, and the heavy machine slammed and began to sway. Not violent, but in a short while the pendulum swayed higher and higher, some of my classmates screamed, my heart jumped, and when I mentioned the eyes of the blind, the machine spun in the roaring roar, and I was dizzy... ...

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