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My family has a puppy whose
My family has a puppy whose name is "Babe." He has a pair of big black eyes, two cute little ears, and the body is like falling into the ink tank. If he looks at him at night, he can not only see it, but also be shocked by his "passionate" heart! look at him so cute, in fact, he is so "harmful"! Once I put the fragrant biscuits and steaming soymilk on the table in the yard. The babe smelled the scent and immediately flew at a speed other than the ��108,000 miles��. I launched an offensive - flattering. He ran to my feet for a moment, licking my feet, wanting me to give him something, and nesting beside me, showing obedience. According to my calculations, this method of flattering knocked down my mother hundreds of times! I am not as kind to it as my mother! So I blew him away, then went back to the house to take the bowl and wanted to use the bowl to make soy milk. However, when I came back, I found soy milk, no more! And the biscuits are gone! I found that Beibei is gone again! So I went to find him. At this time, "Hey! Hey!" Ah! It turned out to be the sound of Babe's mouth. At this time, I found that there was debris on his mouth. There are bags on the ground. At this time, I realized that it was because he had eaten my breakfast. I picked up a small stick, ah! I beat you to death! Babe sees things not good, immediately step on the watermelon skin - slipping away! After running out of the house, I chased 100,000 miles and finally pulled him back from the toilet.ominable guy is still at night. Isn��t it a lonely person at night, so he��s called ��Ah! Hey! Ah!lly couldn't help it. I put on my clothes and covered him with a big box Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Who knows how to be more happy, my mother is distressed and put it in the house. The matter was not finished yet. When I entered the house Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, I yelled. My mother opened the door. At this time, Babe sneaked into the house. I saw him and blasted him out Carton Of Newport 100. I rushed my mother back to sleep. Also, my mother got up again. I took my mother down and told him to go to sleep, ignore him. The result was not called in the middle of the night. One day on the Mid-Autumn Festival, when I was busy on the balcony, I inadvertently glanced at the third and fifth potted flowers on the flower pots were my own flower seedlings when I had a whim during the Spring Festival Carton Of Cigarettes Newport. The third pot is brown in color and has a print of flesh-colored chrysanthemums, which is very classical. The fifth flowerpot is actually when I was still blowing my nose, the good care of the plants in the small pots. What a small aloe ah, small caterpillar cactus, small spider plant, small flower ah grass... As long as it can only occupy a little bit of nourishment in the big flower pot Cheap Smokes Free Shipping, so the dying cute little life, I carefully use them with a small shovel Dig out and transplant it in. Will there be any problems with soil quality? Don't worry, I carefullyays off, after several efforts, finally, the seedlings have survived! I was so excited: I started to slap aloe vera, and now both slaps are better than it; the beginning caterpillar cactus not only survives, but also branches; the beginning of the nameless flower grows from two centimeters to fifty centimeters; Anonymous grass became a "mother", "born" a lot of white and fat "little baby." The wind is coeatment of the boat is not the same: I used to see it is not pleasing to the eye, and now it is not pleasing to the eye! I only dug out a few pieces of soil from other pots to cover it with a layer of inferior "quilt", and "sew a few stitches" on the "quilt": small small aloe vera in small pots Baby, there is also a plant that makes inferior brooms. Nowadays, they are still posing with a delicate waist: "Master, you will pity us, give us some water!" No, after giving them a few glasses of water, they feel much more comfortable. I can't help but feel pity and water them up. Slowly, I think the plants in the boat are also life, and they accept them. ts.

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