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DJ Snake & Neymar Jr Go Head-To-Head On FIFA 19 World Tour in New Clip: Exclusive
If you know anything about DJ Snake beyond his chart-topping hits, you know he's a massive soccer fan -- pardon us, le football.

"I’ve been going to soccer games since I was a kid," he tells Billboard Dance. "For me soccer bought people together. You didn’t need money to do it. You needed one ball and your friends. That’s what’s so amazing about the game, and why it’s so global."

The "Leon On" producer went absolute ham when France won this year's World Cup, but he's no fair weather fan. His first dream job as a child was football player, but as he tells it in a recent video in promotion of FIFA 19, he wasn't good enough, so he turned to music, and the rest is history. He's still a fan of the sport, though, and his favorite player is Neymar Jr., a Brazilian-born forward currently playing for Snake's hometown team, Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

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FIFA 19 is a new level of power playing in the popular EA Sports series, and the company enlisted powerhouses in sports and music to help promote the edition, situating soccer fans from around the world in head-to-head game competitions; Snake got paired with his football hero.

"When you’re playing against the greatest, you can’t really prepare," he says. "You already know he’s going to beat you...I have so much respect for him. The way he plays, it’s like he can see whats going to happen before it does. [He's] always ahead. We are very lucky to have him at PSG."

The friendly pair met at PSG stadium, which Snake says is like a "second home." He's in their dressing room after every match. It was nice for the pals to get some hang time, and they also had a chance to meet with some local kids who admire their work as professionals both on stage and on the pitch.

Finally, Snake says he's got a lot planned for 2019. "New music all of 2019," he says. "I’m going to go hard. 2018 was an amazing year for me and music has changed so much; the way you can release it, and the ways you can create art around it, the videos, the ways fans can interact, tour in new places. For 2019, I’m going to take all we did in 2018 and do it happy, or what's the point?"
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