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Reasons to Not Login From Somebody Else’s Apple ID
If you own any Apple device, then you must be having an Apple ID. An Apple ID is a virtual license that allows you to navigate iDevices. Each Apple device user has their unique Apple ID. It is not advised to use anybody else’s Apple ID.
Also, you should not give access to your Apple ID to anybody. When you do so, you will lose access to all of your connected iDevices, information, subscriptions, etc. However, let’s explore the reason why you should not use anybody else’s Apple ID on your device.
Here is an example:
Jamie bought a brand-new iPhone XR just a week after it hit the shelves. But, last month, he decided to switch to iPhone XS Max. At first, she considered selling the XR on a website. Since the iPhone was relatively new and in decent condition, he decided to sell it at a reasonable price.
Within hours of putting up the ad online, he started getting messages from potential buyers. One man sent him a message that he really wished to purchase the iPhone for his teenage daughter, but owing to his work schedule, he will be unable to pick it up until next Tuesday. However, he loved how the iPhone was scratch-free and looked almost new, and he wished to pay a token amount.
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