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I remember the majestic Mao
I remember the majestic Mao Zedong��s "The Red Army is not afraid of the expedition. Wanshuiqian Mountain is just waiting for it..." Yes, a full 25,000-mile long march. On the long journey, what difficulties and hardships do our Red Army soldiers have to experience?ng the high mountains and bald mountains, the windy mountains and the snow-covered mountains, the soldiers united and worked together to explore a way forward for the troops with unimaginable perseverance and hardship. This is not only a difficult road to temper the will, but also a road to life. When I met the open and beautiful grassland, I thought that there was hope, and who could think of the unexpected difficulties. Many fighters fell down like this, without a complaint. When they handed themselves over to the party, they had already put their lives and deaths away Marlboro 100S Cartons Us. However, in the face of the shortage of food and the harsh environment, why are the soldiers not going to storm, and the winds are sleeping Red Army is not afraid of the expedition, and the thousands of mountains and rivers are only waiting for leisure." "I like the mountains and the snow, and the three sects have opened their eyes afterwards." This revolutionary optimism spirit, even the snow that has existed independently since Haohao Taigu, is also snowy. At sunrise, the sun reflected the white snow and the red flag, and smiled for the victory of a bit of bitter cold, how can the plum blossoms scent?" Chen Jingrun, a famous mathematician in China, devoted himself to research for more than ten years, and the amount of draft paper used for verification was as many as a dozen sacks. Finally solved the mathematical problem - Gottbach conjecture. Nobel Prize founder Nobel, in order to develop explosives, almost fell into the clutches of death more than a dozen times, but he still did not give up, continue to study, and finally won. China's Paul-Zhang Haidi realized his dream in a wheelchair Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. After several generations of Chinese scientists, Shenzhou V finally succeeded in flying into space and let the people of the world pay attention to it. I have been working hard for more than ten years. I don��t know how many green cliffs I have traveled, and I have built the world-famous "Compendium of Materia Medica" with my heart. Isn��t this a living example? It is precisely because they carry forward the fear of not suffering, not afraid of tired, the spirit of perseverance in exchange for their great success Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. expedition" to conquer the mountains and lakes of study and life, to cherish the current happy life, to study hard, and to waste time and waste time. We are welcoming our own life. The opening of the story is unexpected and meaningful. Due to the constant destruction of the habitat of the national second-class protected animal black carp (j��), one day, an injured black cockroach suddenly broke into the home of a county magistrate and seemed to seek the shelter of the county magistrate. In addition to helping the black scorpion, the county magistrate issued an instruction to his subordinates, the author of the wildlife inspection team Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, to investigate the living environment of the sable. As a result, the author rushed to Chongyangling, the habitat of Hei, and began his scientific experience of pursuing the black scorpion. During the investigation, the author encountered a wild boar stealing the mountains, a migratory acacia bird, and witnessed a wonderful and intense "Pig Snake War". After experiencing many interesting adventures, the author finally pursued a male black scorpion, but when the author wanted to take the male black scorpion back for research, the black bride came back withlessly plunder nature, arbitrarily destroy the ecological environment, and the state has not formulated strict laws to warn, and so on. All of this is an important cause of today's environmental crisis. Just like in the past, I often heard from my parents that in the age of their lives, the waters of the old parents�� island were very clear and clean, but in recent years the sea water has become more and more dirty Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping, and a large number of industries have discharged domestic wastewater into the sea. The sea water is dirty and turbid, especially in the "bathing pool" of Long Island, where the sea water is also mixed with some garbage. The beach is full of beverage bottles and plastic bags, which are unsightly. Not only is the current water pollution serious, but also the desertification of the land, the reduction of the area of ??the original forest, and the interruption of the Yellow River are all serious consequences of people destroying the ecological environuman beings, but we have forgotten gratitude and reward, and have forgotten to respect other life, arrogant and self-respecting. As everyone knows, when we say that we want to care for human beings and respect human beings, our devastated nature mothers also need our care and respect! Only when we humans love, respect and protect our Mother Nature, the environmental crisis will be slowly lifted, and our homeland will become more beautihe present, from the side by side, to protect the environment, even if it is just picking up a piece of waste paper on the ground, just a soft voice: "Please do not trample the lawn", but also care for the mother of nature !

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