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Info threads?
Anyone who has any tips/info they want to share to help new players, post what ya got. I'm enjoying this game, but the community seems pretty small despite the fact that the game feels like a staple idle game with some fresh new ideas that don't change the core genre. 

Here's some stuff I've come to understand during my time playing (still relatively new, singularity 0 (s0)):

Except for chance, Mighty collisions upgrades are stronger than rapid (in turn giving mighty chance more weight).
  • 20% bonus vs. 10%
  • Divine Power upgrades increase at different rates too
Mighty and Rapid Chances
  • 100% at 133-134 upgrade points (will be less with Divine Powers) [However, I am interested in what happens if you go over 100% or if it hard caps it, I have not gotten to this point yet]
  • Grows in value then falls off the higher chance you get 
  • Because Mighty collisions have higher upgrade value, Mighty > Rapid
  • Mighty taps chance value will grow over time (see next section)
Tapping becomes stronger overtime
  • dark matter permanent upgrades will increase the value of mighty taps upgrades the longer you play the game
  • because of this, unless it takes you a very long time, during s0 and maybe even s1 tap upgrades could be ignored but will eventually gain more weight
Dark Matter should only be used to increase taps
  • only buy permanent upgrades
  • choice of active or idle upgrade
  • pushes active playstyle the longer you play the game
Speed and Cost reduction
  • values of these fall off very quickly, but are worth putting upgrades into at least until you get the divine powers to upgrade them
  • speed > CR
  • CRs value towards production is unknown to me; however, they both scale the same way
  • 10% drops to 5% by level 10 upgrade, around 22 points steadies out to about 1.5% per level
  • Over time Speed and Cost Reduction will become the weakest upgrades, but are strong at start of singularities (sN i0 at least, depends on rng of divine power buys)
Divine Powers
  • I'm not sure, but I think Divine Power upgrades scale the regular upgrades (i.e. if I upgraded speed by 10% through divine power, regular upgrades would read level 0, but would already be scaled as if it were level 1 due to the divine power) Once I singularity I will test this next time.
  • Unlike other idle games, restart currency doesn't appear to give you any bonus to production. So, spend as much as you can, upgrade everything or you will feel the game slowing down very quickly.

I'm working on a calculator for the value of upgrade points and also divine power levels. If anyone has any information they'd like to share regarding scaling PM me, we can compare ideas.

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