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Upgrades After Implosions
I have been trying this game out for a week. I am not a "tapper" but glad it does things on its own for me. I rather tap a few times now and then rather constant. I look for idle games with a bit more than minimal taps (like Nonstop Knight, but it crashed way too much).

Anyway, I have a question about the upgrades after implosions. I saw before imploding that, for example, Mighty taps is level 3 with 50%. After the implosion, the percentage goes to 0 but it stays at level 3. So does the level indicator still means that upgrade is increased to level 3 (giving whatever level 3 stats it does still), just reset back to 0 as opposed to 50% above level 3?

Thank you.
it's actually a visual bug that it keeps the level. Level and %-bonus completely reset upon implosion. It'll be fixed in the next update.
Thanks for letting us know.

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