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Won’t restore ALL purchases
My game got deleted but i knew you had a restore purchases option, so, i clicked it.  All it did was give me ad free again.  Money (hard earned money) had been paid for the multiple antimatter with prestige.  I had x4 and I’m back to 1.   Please give me back my purchases.
It seems any bug that has to do with our already spent money is completely ignored and overlooked. We should be refunded if this isn't going to get fixed or the dev side not delivering. I have tried getting some response and now several months and nothing. Funny when you see every other issue at least getting the attention from them but anything retaining this issue is almost as if they cant see any post containing this. Its sad that not even a we know, or we will look into it. Its like once the money gets to them, the only thing after that is they give us the middle finger. I really liked the game but not with these practices. Ill be sure to warn others to.
I had the same exact thing happen when i switched phones, tried several things with no luck.

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